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Information: Do you want a smartphone or tablet, but can't afford the high prices you get in brand-name retail stores? Did you just upgrade and now have a phone, tablet, or other wireless device that is just lying around? Is the smartphone you have broken or locked with no way of fixing it?

Come to Ismart Wireless in Odessa! We sell, buy, repair and unlock smartphones, tablets, and other wireless accessories. Ismart Wireless has an incredible selection to choose from, ranging from the new to the slightly older but still fully functional Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy S series smartphones, and various laptops and tablets. All our wireless products come with new charging cables. We also sell a full line of wireless phone accessories, including the following: smartphone chargers for your home, smartphone chargers for the car, smartphone cases (both decorative and functional), leather smartphone wallet cases, carrying cases for your tablet, and wireless headsets and headphones, including the popular Beats by Dre.

Did you buy a phone from someone, only to find out it is locked and you don't have the password? Or did you forget your own password and are now stuck with a phone that can't do anything? Ismart Wireless will help you unlock your phone, making it ready to use as soon as possible.

If you're looking to buy, our selection changes every day, so come by often to see all the new items we have in stock. We even have the latest iPhones and Galaxy S series! Or, if you're looking to sell, we only accept fully-functional products.

Are you tired of the same old boring black and white color choices the Apple iPhone has to offer? Wish you could have a different color iPhone, a color that is unique to you, that you like and can show off without having to buy another case? Ismart Wireless can change the color of your iPhone! And, with so many colors and designs to pick from, you are bound to find the kind that matches your personality and style. We have sales often to give you the best deals on our latest selection of smartphones and smartphone accessories. Learn More

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