Bill Payments

Midland, TX

We are a cell phone store that specializes in a variety of services--not just sales of cell phones, smartphones, and tablets! We also sell laptops, cell phone accessories, smartphone accessories, and audio accessories.

But that's still not all! We offer cell phone and smartphone repair, unlocking, and flashing, and we also do MoneyGram transfers.

Working with money transfer services such as RIA Money Transfers and MoneyGram allows us here at Ismart Wireless to transfer money to friends and family abroad, as well as cash checks. Another service we offer. thanks to our partnerships with RIA Money Transfers and MoneyGram. is bill payments. We know not everyone has access to a computer and with almost all bills being paid online, it's hard for them to get their bills taken care of. For those bills that don't require online pay, making sure payday and bill-paying day align is rough. Payday may not arrive soon enough for the payments to be on time. This leads to late fees and other charges and penalties.

Don't worry though! Because we have a bill-paying program, our customers can pay bills with ease and relieve themselves of the worry, burden and desperation of not knowing how to or when to pay a bill that's due soon. With MoneyGram we offer same day, next day, and two- to three-day services. It is reliable and secure, and most companies are notified of the payment within minutes.

You can use our service to pay bills for your auto, mortgage, rent, credit card, phone, utilities, cable, satellite, insurance, and a whole lot more! MoneyGram lets you pay a variety of bills for services from companies such as Wells Fargo, Geico, Time Warner Cable, Dish Network, Sprint, Verizon, and T Mobile. Ismart Wireless is the only place near Midland where you can take care of your cell phone, laptop, and tablet needs all while taking care of your financial responsibilities!