Check Cashing

Andrews, TX

Do you have an interest in buying one of our cell phones, tablets or laptops? What about our audio accessories or phone accessories? Or perhaps you need a cell phone activation service but you haven't cashed your check yet.

Well, don't sweat it, because Ismart wireless has you covered! Thanks to our partnership with MoneyGram, we offer a check cashing service in addition to our sales and cell phone activation services. If you just got paid and need to cash your check, you can safely do it with us! We will give you cash the same day, with no hassle or problems.

Once you have your cash, you are welcome to transfer your money using our money transfer services--either MoneyGram or RIA Money Transfers--and confidenly pay some bills right here! Or, you may simply want to purchase any of our cell phones, smartphones, tablets, laptops, smartphone accessories or audio accessories. It's up to you! Plus, with an always changing inventory, you will always find something new that may catch your eye.

Serving Odessa and the surrounding areas such as Andrews, Ismart Wireless can help you find whatever you need. If you need a cable to charge your cell phone, smartphone, or tablet, we have them! We also carry wall adapters. so you can plug your devices directly into a wall outlet instead of having to plug it into a computer to charge.

We also offer cases for cell phones, smartphones, and tablets. We carry cases that can serve as wallets as well, cases that protect your device from scratches and falls, and of course decorative cases that let you display your personality and make your phone cute or stylish.

Our audio accessories range from wireless headsets for hands-free operation of phones, as well as headphones for music. If you find that you don't have enough money after cashing in your check, we also buy new and used cell phones, smart phone, tablets and laptops. Bring them down and we can appraise and buy it there on the spot if they are in full working condition!