Money Transfer Service

West Odessa, TX

Ismart Wireless isn't just your place for wireless cell phones and smartphones, cell phone and smartphone accessories, and audio accessories. Although we specialize in selling, buying, repairing and unlocking wireless cell phones and smartphones, we also have some money transfer services.

We are proud to use the most secure and reliable money transferring services available--MoneyGram and RIA Money Transfers. With these services, you can transfer money to anywhere where in the world. Whether you are sending money from Odessa to West Odessa, from Odessa to Mexico, or even from Odessa to China, you can send money for pick up at any place with a MoneyGram Agent or RIA Money Transfers! This can be done all in the same day, usually just minutes after you transfer the money. If you are the one waiting to receive money via a money transfer from MoneyGram or RIA Money Transfers, then you can come on down to Ismart Wireless to pick up your money.

Once you are done with your money transfer service, stay a bit and take a look at our selection of cell phones, smartphone accessories, and audio accessories. We are sure you can find whatever it is you are looking for at a cheaper price than at a big-brand retail store. If you are looking for some of the latest models of cell phones, smartphones, or tablets at low prices, then Ismart Wireless is the place to go. We also carry protective cases for your cell phones and smartphones as well as cases for your tablets.

If you already own a device but need it to be repaired or unlocked, then let us know and we'll make sure to fix or unlock it as soon as possible, so you can get back to using it. We also carry some of the latest audio accessories like speakers and big name headphones like Beats by Dre.