Odessa, TX

Ismart Wireless isn't just any other cell phone store. While you look through all the different cell phones and smartphones, smartphone accessories, and audio accessories we have in stock, you might notice that we are proud to be a part of MoneyGram and Ria Money Transfers.

That's because at Ismart Wireless, you can transfer money to your friends or family no matter where they live using MoneyGram. MoneyGram sends money to be picked up in cash on the same day, no later than 10 minutes after the transfer is done. If the money is needed right away or in a few days you can get the transfer done with MoneyGram at Ismart Wireless.

Maybe you need to send money to another bank for yourself, a loved one, or a friend in need. Well, Ismart Wireless is ready to help you. If you need to pick up money that someone sent you through MoneyGram, then you can pick up your cash at Ismart Wireless here in Odessa. No hassle, no problems. It's simple and easy--and more importantly, it's safe. Just have the friend or family member you are sending the money to find one of their local MoneyGram agents.

And may we suggest that as you wait to hear back from them to make sure they got the money, you can look at our wide selection of new and used smartphones? Our selections change often, so go ahead and browse before or after you transfer money. You just might find something you like or have been waiting to buy! Most items we carry will be cheaper than at any brand-name retail store. Our friendly staff is bilingual and will help you with all of your wireless phone and money transferring needs. We can take care of you before or after shopping and all in on the same visit. Don't hesitate to use MoneyGram at Ismart Wireless.